Personal Contract Purchase (PCP)

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El Plan IN&OUT es una fórmula inteligente de comprar el vehículo que se adapta a tus necesidades. Tú decides la duración del contrato. No tienes requisitos de entrada. Y es un plan aplicable a toda la gama de modelos Honda.

How it works

PCP allows you to keep your monthly repayments lower by deferring a proportion of the credit to the end of the agreement, as well as giving you the flexibility of three options at the end of the agreement.

So, how does this work?

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Firstly, choose the car you want.

Agree on how much deposit you would like to put down.

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Then, estimate how many miles you will drive each year.

Consider how long you would like your agreement to run, between two and four years.

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We will then use this information to calculate a Guaranteed Future Value [GFV]

This is what we predict the value of your car to be worth at the end of the agreement.

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The GFV is deferred until the end of your agreement.

Your monthly payments are worked out on the difference between the GFV and the price of the car once your deposit has been taken off and interest added. This means you have lower, fixed monthly repayments.

Tú decides

When it comes to the end of your agreement, you will have three options to choose from:


Puedes quedarte tu coche.

Continuar con tu Honda con las mejores opciones de financiación para la última cuota. 



Puedes devolverlo como pago de la última cuota.

Si quieres devolverlo, sea cual sea la razón, Honda te recompra el vehículo por el valor mínimo garantizado 


You can part-exchange your car.

Then, together with your Honda dealer, you can start looking at your next Honda.

Choose the right product

Choose the right product

PCP may not be right for you. So, check out our other finance products to make sure you choose the product that best suits your needs and then contact your local Honda dealer for more details or for a personalised quote.